East Herrington Primary School

East Herrington County Primary School, a mixed infant and junior school, opened its door to admit pupils on 1st June 1964. The first Head Teacher was Mr W B Fishwick.

125 boys and 100 girls were transferred from New Silksworth County Junior Mixed and Silksworth C of E schools. The family atmosphere of the Silksworth schools continued at the much larger East Herrington when it first opened.

There were three infant classes of 82 pupils in total taught by Miss Eggleston, Mrs Emmerson, and Mrs Birch.

The remaining 143 pupils were in four junior classes taught by Mrs Stoddart, Miss Fisher, Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Towers.

The school was officially opened on Tuesday 24th November by Councillor Mrs M D Rathbone.

As the numbers grew we had one, then two mobile classrooms brought in to the grounds. By this time the name was changed to East Herrington Primary School under the Sunderland Borough Council. More space was required and the present Infants department was built, and the mobiles removed. This now meant that the school had jumped from seven classes to fourteen.

The latest addition has been the Nursery which was opened in September 1998. This ensures a constant supply of new pupils for the school. The catchment area now covers East, Middle and New Herrington, and Farringdon. The number of pupils at the school is currently (2002) 512 pupils, but this will be decreased over the next few years to 60 pupils per year and 26 in the nursery.

The school plays an active part in the local community. Children deliver harvest festival gifts and perform concerts at the Anchor home. Christmas carol services are held every year at the church.

Along with the high academic success a big emphasis is placed on sport and dance, particularly the yearly visit to Derwent Hill Outdoor Centre in the Lake District.

Head Teachers

Mr W B Fishwick 1964 – 1979
Mr K Bond 1979 – 1992
Mr A F Bolton 1992 – 2005
Mrs A Hodgson 2005 – ?

East Herrington Primary School has now become East Herrington Primary Academy.