The Song of the Burn

Near Warden Law just to the North
My early waters first spring forth
Then my infant streamlet trickles
Gently downwards to Cauld Knuckles
From there across the fields I glide
And keep on down the Blackwood Side.

I come next to Low Farringdon
Then West towards East Herrington
Passing as I onward press
The pond that's filled with watercress,
Now a clear and limpid Burn
A little to the South I turn.

Then on again I Westward stray
Past Ivy House to the highway,
Into a culvert grim and dark
And out again into the Park.
Thro' the gardens, past the Hall
Until I creep beneath the walls.

Across the pasture to the rill
That wanders down from Taylor's Gill,
Still farther on, my strength I swell
With torrents from the Boiling Well,
And as onward my waters teem
A lusty well-filled bustling Stream,
Once more towards the North I glide
West Herrington on my left side.

Mr. Thomas Allen of West Herrington, describing the course of the old stream for Warden Law to the sea.